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Why You Should Install a Garbage Disposal in Your Addison Home

Mar 20, 2022

Why You Should Install a Garbage Disposal in Your Addison Home

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Have you had clogged kitchen drains in the last couple of years? Does your garbage smell like old food waste? The solution to both of these problems, as well as many others, is getting a garbage disposal installed in your home. If you’ve been debating about getting a garbage disposal, let the plumbers at Quality Plumbing show you the benefits of this small but mighty appliance. 

Four Benefits of a Garbage Disposal in your Addison Home:

  • Keep your drains clear. The biggest advantage of having a garbage disposal is its ability to prevent drain clogs. When large food scraps enter the drain, they can bind together and block pipes. When you have a garbage disposal, the blades break down this food waste into small pieces that easily pass through.
  • Reduce bad odors in your kitchen. If your garbage cans have been emitting foul odors and causing your kitchen to smell, then garbage disposal installation is your savior. Instead of food waste sitting in the garbage for days, decomposing and rotting, it will be immediately transported out of your kitchen. So long to bad smelling trash cans!
  • An environmentally friendly choice. When you eliminate food waste by the garbage disposal, you are also reducing the carbon footprint of your home. Instead of food waste sitting in a landfill, it will be sent through the sewage system and filtered quickly. Garbage disposals also reduce the amount of waste that needs to be transported by truck to landfills. This further reduces the emissions needed to process the waste. 
  • Cleanup is a breeze. Gone will be the days of scraping food scraps into the garbage and meticulously preventing any food particles from entering your drain. Small food scraps that you’d normally spend extra time cleaning off can now be sent into the disposal and broken down. There are some foods to avoid such as grease, eggshells, banana peels, and animal bones, but most other waste can be processed by the disposal. 

A garbage disposal is an affordable appliance that can make your life easier in Addison. They are installed by a professional plumber and are reliable kitchen appliance when treated properly. Let Quality Plumbing  help you enjoy the benefits of a new garbage disposal by scheduling an appointment with us today! 

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