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What You Should Know About Dual Flush Toilets

Feb 16, 2012

What You Should Know About Dual Flush Toilets

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The dual flush toilet is able to save up to 67% of water usage in most homes. However, due to the more complex mechanism, it is more expensive than many other types of low-flow toilets. The dual flush toilet differs from siphon-flush toilets in that it relies on gravity to remove waste from the toilet. In addition to its dual flush feature, the lack of siphoning also results in it requiring less water to operate. The lack of siphoning also means that it is similar to an airplane toilet; the water line is considerably lower than that of siphon-flush toilets. The main feature of the toilet is that it has two buttons for releasing water. The smaller level takes the liquid waste and the larger is best for solid waste.

The disadvantages of this toilet far outweigh the advantages of “supposedly” saving water:

  1. The dual flush toilets are more expensive than other low flow toilet designs.

  2. If you like a tidy bowl that’s half full of sparkling clear water, the dual flush toilets only retain a little water in the bowl.

  3. The flushing will not always get rid of all the waste thus causing the consumer to have to flush twice using double the amount of water.

  4. Even in full flush mode, there will be occasional streaking.

One of the biggest concerns Quality Plumbing Services has with the dual flush toilet and would like to make you aware of is the fact that so little water is used to clear the toilet which means that the waste is not always entirely carried to the city main. That results in a build-up and eventually a blockage in your house main sewer line. Our Gerber pressure-assisted toilets with a 1.6-gallon flush have the largest water table of all brands which will reduce any streaking. Since standard toilets can only do so much with so little water, pressure-assisted flush toilets use pressurized air in the tank to push the water into the bowl more forcefully, which helps to make up for the lower water amount.

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