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What Causes Banging Noises in My Pipes?

Mar 28, 2012

What Causes Banging Noises in My Pipes?

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Sometimes, whenever homeowners use the faucets in the kitchen or the bathroom sinks, they would hear a strange sound from the walls – banging. There seems to be banging noises coming from the water pipes. What is the cause of this? And what is the best solution to get rid of “banging pipes”?

Banging noises that seem to come from pipes are usually related to something called water hammer. This condition is basically caused by a lack of air in the pipes or lack of air chambers – and not actually by the presence of air in pipes. Water hammer is responsible for the banging, or even rattling, noises that one might hear as coming from the pipes. You’ll hear the sound whenever faucets or valves quickly close. The pressure of the water slamming against a closed valve creates the noise.

Over time air chambers can become water logged, meaning there is no air left in the air chamber and, therefore, the piping system has nothing to cushion the water when the valves are closed quickly. Loose pipes can also cause the noise. The vibrations the pipe makes by the sudden stoppage may cause pipes to knock against structural elements.

But homeowners have more to worry about than just the banging or rattling noise. Water hammer can actually cause premature damage to valves in appliances and fixtures, as well as the piping system. That’s why it is important to address the problem if you think you may have a case of water hammer in your pipes.

Some solutions

One solution is to introduce air back into your air chambers by closing the main water valve in the house and opening all faucets in the house. The key is to let the water drain out for about five minutes, until water finally stops coming from the faucets. This will drain water from the piping and all water logged air chambers. The next step is to close all the faucets and slowly re-open the main valve. As the pipes refill, the air chambers will fill partially with water and partially with air thus creating that much-needed air cushion for the water pressure.

If, however, the banging noise persists, you should call a professional and have them install a device called a water-hammer arrester. Once installed, it can maintain the air cushion needed to prevent banging pipes. Call Quality Plumbing Services Inc. at 847-259-0200 or visit our website at

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