10 Signs That Your Sump Pump is in Need of Repairs

Sep 15, 2021

10 Signs That Your Sump Pump is in Need of Repairs

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The winter season is just about here and that means snow, ice, and sleet. The upcoming weather already put enough stress on your plumbing, that it’s easy to forget about one very important appliance in the basement: sump pumps. Your sump pump works to relocate excess water away and out of your basement, preventing flooding and other structural water damage. While battling to stay warm and keep your house intact, it’s easy to overlook one appliance, but a damaged sump pump could mean a literal ice rink in your basement.

How to Catch the Problem Early

Catching the problem early, especially when it comes to your home’s plumbing, can be tricky. The good news is that there are plenty of warning signs from a sump pump in need of repair. A little excess water in your basement might be tempting to overlook, but even the smallest of problems eventually become large and expensive repairs. A flooded basement is easy to avoid, and you can do so by watching for the following warning signs.

  • Strange noises. Normally the only sound sump pumps make is a low continuous hum, but if it starts making loud and unusual noises, then it’s time for a repair. A rattling or grinding noise can indicate something wrong with the impeller or fan.
  • Failure to turn on. If your sump pump won’t turn on, it could be a number of things. Make sure you first check to see if the float switch is stuck, as it may have simply got itself tangled in the sump basin. Some sump pumps have brackets that hold the float switch, that can break and be the culprit. If neither seems to solve the problem, then it’s time for a replacement.
  • Pump runs continuously. If you start to notice your sump pump is cycling constantly, it could indicate a number of problems. It might simply not be powerful enough to handle all the water that’s accumulated, or there could be a faulty switch. A switch problem is usually the common culprit for a sump pump that runs continuously and can be solved with a simple sump pump repair. If your sump pump is too small however, then you’ll need to replace it.
  • Constant vibrating. The impeller, which is what draws water into the sump pump, can also draw in debris. A sump pump that vibrates excessively could be a sign of a damaged impeller. A bent impeller unfortunately can’t be repaired. If your sump pump impeller is bent, it will need to be replaced.
  • Infrequent usage. While limited use of a sump pump is usually a good thing, it can also drastically shorten the pump’s shelf life. Frequently testing your sump pump between heavy rains is a good way to detect any potential problems.
  • Visible rust. Your sump pump works with water and naturally that means it can deal with some rust. If you find rust on your sump pump, it could be caused by a corroded battery or bacteria, which in some cases if left untreated can eventually clog your plumbing. If you see rust, your sump pump needs a repair immediately.
  • Old age. Unlike other major appliances like your furnace or water heater, your sump pump isn’t built to last long. No matter how well maintained your sump pump is, it will break down over time. If your sump pump is over seven years old, it’s time to replace it.
  • Motor problems. If the sump pump stops working entirely, it could be an issue with the motor. A motor that doesn’t work can be an issue with damaged wiring, the device somehow got itself unplugged, or it tripped the circuit breaker. A failed motor could also be a sign of a damaged filter or an extension hose that can’t properly drain the water.
  • No water in the sump pump pit. If your sump pump appears to be working normally, but you notice there is no water in the pit, you’re in need of a sump pump repair. A running sump pump with a dry pit usually means there was improper installation or the sump pump isn’t hooked up to the drainage system.
  • Tripped circuits. Your sump pump runs on electricity, but it should never trip your circuit breaker unless there was a problem. A sump pump that constantly trips the circuit breaker could be caused by a damaged switch, damaged wiring, or an insufficient power source. Only a licensed plumber, however, can determine the exact cause of the problem.

Don’t Forget Your Sump Pumps this Winter

It’s easy to forget about the super handy and important appliance in your basement when you’re concerned about your plumbing freezing or your roof leaking, but proper sump pump maintenance is crucial for a warm and happy winter. If your sump pump is in need of repair, you’ll need professional help. A licensed plumber can’t not only detect the problem but ensure your sump pump works as it should. Keep your home dry this winter and schedule a sump pumps inspection today.

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5 Benefits of a Sump Pump Installation

Apr 15, 2020

5 Benefits of a Sump Pump Installation

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A sump pump is a simple and effective way to protect your home from flooding. They’re usually placed in basements and crawlspaces to collect water and safely transfer it to where it can’t damage buildings. Sump pumps are especially useful anywhere with a high water table or heavy winter-spring flooding. By calling a professional to help you with a sump pump installation, you can avoid all sorts of damage and keep a healthier home.

Here are five ways that getting a sump pump installation can help your home:


Protect your home’s foundation

If you don’t have a sump pump, you’re putting your home’s foundation at risk. Over time, water is capable of breaking down your foundation and creating cracks and gaps. Not only does this damage make your home more vulnerable to flooding, but it can cost quite a bit to repair and offers entryways for pests to get into your home.


Lower the risk of fire

While a lower fire risk may sound like a strange benefit of a sump pump, it’s a serious benefit. Basements often have some electrical appliances in them, and they can short-circuit if they’re exposed to flooding. Even if the short-circuits don’t start electrical fires, they can damage your appliances. Sump pumps can prevent flooding and keep your appliances safe.


Reduce mold and mildew

Mold, mildew, and other fungi grow best in dark, damp areas. Basements prone to flooding make a perfect spot for these to grow. Not only are they capable of damaging wood and other materials, but they can also pose health risks to your family. By installing a sump pump, you can help keep your basement dry and delay mold growth.


Improve property value

Homeowners, both current and future, appreciate it when their property has features that protect it from damage. Since sump pumps offer flood protection, it’s a good idea to invest in one. Protecting your home from flooding will improve your property’s value by improving its safety and reliability.


Prevent flooding and water damage

Sump pumps are useful for dealing with the gradual build-up of water. However, they come in handy when large-scale flooding happens. When spring thaws or torrential rains occur, unprotected basements can experience over a foot of flooding. If you have anything of value in the basement, this could cause some serious trouble. Fortunately, having a working sump pump in your basement can minimize any damage you may face.


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