Sewer Repair in Bloomingdale, Illinois

Nov 10, 2022

Sewer Repair in Bloomingdale, Illinois

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Broken sewer pipe repair

Water coming back into your house can only mean one thing: sewage issues. This happens when water is trying to drain but has nowhere to go. That’s a clear indication that there is a blockage of some kind, and what this customer initially called about. After attempting to power rod the blockage, it was determined that would not be enough. This customer in Bloomingdale, Illinois needed sewer repair.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may need sewer repair as well:

  • Your yard smells of sewage
  • Your yard is soggy
  • Your drains are draining slowly or not at all
  • Your water bill is rising

Sewer Repair Inspection

Quality Plumbing

By utilizing specialized equipment, Quality Plumbing was able to use a camera to visually inspect the issue. This allowed them to locate the source of the sewage repair problem. Roots from a tree located next to the lateral sewer line had wrapped themselves around and breached the sewer line causing the blockage.

Sewer Repair in Bloomingdale, Illinois

Quality Plumbing sewer line excavation sewer repair Bloomingdale, Illinois

After locating the problem, Quality Plumbing’s specially trained technicians began digging up the front yard of this Bloomingdale, Illinois customer’s home. Using their excavation equipment, the old lateral sewer line was exposed quickly and as noninvasive as possible.

Sewer Line Repaired

Quality Plumbing repaired sewer line repair bloomingdale, illinois

Once the damaged lateral sewer line was exposed, Quality Plumbing’s technicians cleared the area and removed the damaged section. In its place was a PVC pipe connected to the old sewer line with high-strength couplers, and a T-off for a cleanout pipe. 

The Quality Plumbing Difference

Following the installation of the cleanout pipe, this Bloomingdale, Illinois sewer repair started to take the form of a front yard again. First, the hole was filled in with stone for drainage purposes. Finally, the affected area was covered with topsoil for a clean, professional appearance. Soon-to-grow grass would be hiding the operation completely. This was done flush with the cleanout pipe. Minimized were any obvious signs of work being done, maintaining this beautiful property’s curb appeal.

At Quality Plumbing Services we believe a job done right the first time gives you peace of mind. It also leaves you worry-free. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We will strive to provide you with many years of Quality service as your own personal plumber. Contact us today for any of your plumbing, sewer, or drain needs, and be sure to check out our amazing reviews!

Quality Plumbing Services, Inc. Reviews

Frank JourigeFrank Jourige
22:33 14 Oct 22
Sanitation line backed up thru the line in laundry room and couldn't flush toilets or shower so I called a couple of other companies but couldn't get any service until tommorow, so I called quality plumbing and they showed up in an hour. Scott was very professional and knowledgeable I was very pleased with scott & quality plumbing.
Peter KimPeter Kim
18:29 19 Aug 22
Fixed an issue regarding a shower barely having any water flow-this was an easy fix my other plumber (out of town) wasnt able to help with. Got charged 300$ for this something this simple. No call to tell me ahead of time what the issue was and how much the estimate would be. Last time using this company
Joe LiawJoe Liaw
23:13 05 Aug 22
My in-laws had a bad leak coming from their ceiling, and I needed a plumber to help get it fixed quickly to prevent further water damage--called around and Quality Plumbing was able to get someone out in a timely manner. Diana was very easy to work with to schedule someone, and Kevin who came out did a great job diagnosing the problem (toilet tank with a hairline crack and also loose wax ring from poor installation from previous contractor) and coming up with different solutions which he explained clearly. We ended up replacing both aging toilets with upgraded Gerber toilets that are much more comfortable and better quality backed by a 5 year warranty and Kevin was very careful and professional in making sure everything was installed up to code and correctly. Kevin was extremely professional, hard working, and detail oriented in his work, and I would highly recommend him and Quality Plumbing to anyone!
Torsten ZeebTorsten Zeeb
16:53 10 Apr 22
Outstanding service. Called them up for to service the water heater they installed about ten years ago. The technician Scott did outstanding job and dispatcher Diane was very helpful over the phone. In these times,we are living and working 24/7 now days. We need these types of services
Barbara KrawczykBarbara Krawczyk
17:21 05 Feb 22
Had a sewer backup on Christmas eve. Quality Plumbing came right away. They put a plan in place and followed through. It was a 3 day job and these guys showed up on time, were extremely courteous, and cleaned up every day. Definitely the best plumbing experience I have had in 30 years of home ownership. Thanks Quality Plumbing!
By zachadmachinescom