Boiler Maintenance Tips for the Holidays

Dec 20, 2021

Boiler Maintenance Tips for the Holidays

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Hot water is essential to your well-being and your health, and boiler maintenance is key to keeping the hot water flowing. And during the holidays, you need it for everything from cleaning pots and pans after a festive meal to taking a long, luxurious bath once all your guests have gone home again. But if your boiler is not working properly, then your life suddenly becomes a whole lot less comfortable. That’s why we’ve put together a list of boiler maintenance tips for the holidays:

  • Check the gas light. The gas light should burn a steady blue. If it’s yellow or some other color or if you notice soot marks around it, then it’s a sign there’s something wrong with the combustion. Call a professional immediately instead of trying to fix it yourself.
  • Remove any clutter. You need to maintain at least two feet of clearance around the appliance at all times. During the holidays, this can be more challenging, especially if you’re looking for extra storage for gifts, decoration boxes or other holiday-related items. Nevertheless, since this is about safety, you still need to keep the boiler free of clutter.
  • Perform a visual inspection. Inspect all sides of the appliance for dings, dents or leaks. If you notice serious damage, corrosion, or a leak, you’ll need to get it fixed. You should also carefully check the valves and pipes for leaks or other damage.
  • Make sure the boiler has the right pressure. While your boiler is properly calibrated for the correct pressure when it’s first installed, it will lose pressure over time. This is completely normal, so there’s no need to worry. However, you do need to maintain correct pressure. The best way to go about doing this is to review the manufacturer’s manual for the correct pressure and follow the instructions on how to adjust it.

More Advice for Safe Boiler Ownership

In addition to these tips, you need to keep your and your family’s safety top of mind. When a boiler malfunctions, it can release carbon monoxide — an odorless, clear and tasteless gas that can be fatal for people and pets. Because it’s basically impossible for humans to detect, you need to make sure you have a working carbon monoxide detection system installed. It’s the only way to guarantee you and your family will be alerted in time in the unfortunate event of a carbon monoxide leak due to a malfunctioning boiler. 

Finally, even if you’re good at maintaining your boiler yourself, you should also schedule annual tune-ups by a professional technician. He or she can perform a good cleaning of all the appliance’s parts, check to make sure they’re in good working order and replace any that aren’t. Your technician will also advise you about your options when it’s time to replace your current boiler. 

Finding a Reliable Technician

To find a trustworthy technician, ask your neighbors to refer someone. Alternatively, you can go online to Angie’s List or the Yellow Pages and find a local company. Just make sure to read the customer reviews carefully so you know that the professional you’re hiring is truly dependable.  

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6 Reasons to Call for Boiler Maintenance

Nov 15, 2019

6 Reasons to Call for Boiler Maintenance

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boiler maintenance in Illinois by Quality Plumbing

Winter only a month away, and we’re here to help you stay warm. If you own a boiler, you’re already mostly prepared to keep your home heated. However, keeping your boiler inactive over the summer will have caused it to gather a lot of dust and become unreliable. If you want to be sure your boiler will work all winter, learn more about how our boiler maintenance can help you.

Here are six reasons to get boiler maintenance from us before the winter hits:


Extend your boiler’s lifespan

Boilers are expensive pieces of equipment, so keeping yours healthy is a good idea. Regular boiler maintenance can extend your boiler’s lifespan and cut down on repairs and replacements. On average, a well-kept boiler can last about ten to fifteen years.


Stay safe from carbon monoxide and explosions

As well as producing heat for your home, running boilers generate carbon monoxide. To counter this, boilers have exhaust pipes that safely vent the deadly and odorless gas outside. However, worn-down or damaged boilers can leak the gas into your home. Also, poorly-kept boilers are known to explode, so be sure to give your boiler regular maintenance.


Keep your warranty valid

Boilers, like many appliances, have certain warranty stipulations owners have to follow. Most boiler warranties require you to give the boiler periodic maintenance from a professional. Maintaining your warranty’s validity can help you save money if you need to pay for unexpected boiler repairs.


Decrease energy costs

Right behind HVAC systems, boilers have the second-highest annual energy usage in your home. Taking steps to cut down on that usage can help reduce your energy bills. A well-maintained boiler can save you 10% on your energy bills.


Comply with local safety laws

Neglected boilers can be dangerous, so local laws about properly caring for them aren’t uncommon. They’ll often require boiler owners like yourself to have a professional fix up your boiler every once in a while. Staying on top of your boiler’s maintenance will keep you from getting fined for letting your boiler get into bad condition.


Better energy efficiency and reliability

Every appliance will wear down over time, making them less efficient at whatever they do. However, regularly getting professional maintenance can help keep your boiler working its best. Healthier boilers use less energy, which also saves you money, and are less likely to break down.


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