Quality Plumbing Services Inc. - Helping the Community

Local Plumbing Company Brings Out Their Tools to Help Those Less Fortunate

As fall rolls along, so does a plethora of inevitable household repairs, including the dreaded plumbing ones. Quality Plumbing Services Inc. took it upon themselves to help the good people at Southminister Presbyterian Church address these issues for the lower income and elderly citizens of Wheeling Township.

“God Energizing Mission”, also known as GEM is a service project aimed at giving back to the community through the help of local business and service companies. Quality Plumbing Services (www.qualityplumbingchicago.com) took the required one-day of service and turned it into three days of serving and forming relationships with the community. Their services varied from a mere leaky faucet fix, to complete installations of toilets and sinks. As quoted in the Daily Herald, “[Vice President] Wally Welker from Quality Plumbing donated his time to do plumbing work on several homes.”

Quality Plumbing Services, as shown through their valiant work for the GEM project, values not only providing a good service, but doing so with holistic and meaningful intentions. “It is more than just providing a service”, according to Wally (VP), “it is forming a bond with the community that entails a lifelong dedication to not only their needs, but making sure they are happy as well.”