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Chicago area plumbing service company unveils environmentally friendly new trucks

09.30.2011– Quality Plumbing Services Inc. proudly announces the use of the new Isuzu ECO Max Diesel trucks into its fleet. The lightweight ECO Max Tool Pro is fitted with a recyclable aluminum utility body by The Reading Group, LLC. The CEO Max is powered by Isuzu clean, efficient and powerful new 3.0 liter dual overhead camshaft, turbo charged diesel engine, which achieves 30% better fuel economy than the engine it replaces and meets the street EPA and CARB HD-OBD standards.

The 2011 Isuzu NPR ECO-MAX with the 4JJI-TC diesel engine achieves up to 30% better fuel economy than previous models. Plus, this new engine uses clean diesel technology and is B-20 bio-diesel compatible, and meet the tough EPA 2010 and CARB HD-OBD emission standards.

“We felt it was important to make energy efficient improvements, reduce use and shrink our carbon footprint,” said John Schiavone, company President and General Manager of Quality Plumbing Services Inc.

The importance of lighter chassis weight and innovative body design becomes the focus due to the amount of inventory and weight the trucks carry. Normal day-to-day operations of these“rolling warehouses” for plumbers which are stocked with water heaters, pumps, toilets, tools, etc. the payload becomes a significant factor in fuel economy.

Quality Plumbing Services Inc. is continuing its on-going pledge in improving our environment saving our precious natural resources.

One other factor to consider is that the Isuzu ECO-MAX offers 30% better fuel economy than previous Isuzu models. However, when compared to the gasoline engines, Quality Plumbing Services Inc. removed from its fleet and most plumbing companies use today, the increased fuel savings can be as much as 50% which results in a greater environmental benefit.

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