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Home Plumbing Inspections

Jan 30, 2012

Home Plumbing Inspections

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Most people take for granted the benefits of plumbing systems and fixtures – carrying the drinking water to and taking the waste water away from your home. But even more people seldom consider the various components and issues involved in plumbing. Once a year, we recommend that a highly trained professional plumbing technician give your home a thorough inspection of over 100 different items. Some of the services in our home plumbing inspections include:

  • All of your toilets are checked and tested for leaks and smooth operation.

  • Your faucets are tested for proper operation.

  • All of your exposed water lines are checked for leaks or damage.

  • The piping under your bathroom and kitchen sinks is checked for any sign of potential water damage.

  • All of your drains are checked above and below sinks for leaks or clogs.

  • Your washing machine hoses, valves and drain are thoroughly checked and tested.

  • Your water heater is checked for safety, leaks and signs of corrosion. Water heaters are often a cause of water damage. Keeping this piece of equipment in top shape guarantees peace of mind.

  • Sump pump(s)/ejector pump(s) checked for operation.

  • Ejector pump(s) checked for operation.

Any concerns or questions you may have about your home’s plumbing will be gladly answered. Call Quality Plumbing Services Inc. today at 847-259-0200 to schedule one of our home plumbing inspections!

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