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Do You Know Your Water Damage?

Apr 18, 2012

Do You Know Your Water Damage?

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Large or small, no one wants to deal with the damage to their property caused by water. The damage to your property can sometimes be devastating. There are three categories of water damage: clean water, black water and gray water. Let’s first take a look at these three water types.

Black water

Black water is the worst type of water damage and the one that will cause the most problems. It may contain chemicals, bacteria, and/or fungi that can cause harm or even death. This could happen because of a leak from your kitchen drain or a toilet overflow. It should always be handled by professionals who are knowledgeable and have the equipment to deal with it.

Gray water

Gray water contains harmful contaminates that could make you ill when you are exposed to it. Such as a leak from your air conditioning drain line.

Clean water

Clean water is exactly that: clean water. It means that the water is safe to work with during restoration. There are no impurities present that will harm you or make you sick. An example of a clean water discharge is water leaking from a water supply line.

These three types of water damage, for the most part, can be prevented if you know the root cause. Getting your plumbing inspected and having a roof inspection can have a huge impact on the avoidance of these problems.

Although water damage can happen on a large scale, there are many times that it can happen on a smaller scale and still cause serious damage. A small leak in the roof, inside the wall or a damaged pipe with a slow drip can cause serious and costly damage.

There are many ways for water to damage your property. Do you have water damage? Are there stains on your walls? Has your air conditioner leaked onto your floors? Call Quality Plumbing Services Inc. at 847-259-0200 or visit our website at

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