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Clogged Drain

Jun 15, 2017

Clogged Drain

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As you can imagine, over the years our plumbers have seen a lot of different issues causing clogged or obstructed drains and sewers. Since we have opened our new division, Quality Sewer Services and acquired our new combination jet rodding and vactoring truck, we have been called out to numerous jobs with major drain and sewer obstructions, some that have surprised even our plumbers (we don’t get surprised by our findings very often). I would like to share one particular job with you just to give you a sense of what we run into more often than you would think.


We were recently called to a manufacturing facility in which the customer had stated the floor drains in the warehouse were backing up and he felt the sewer needed rodding. Our plumbers arrived at the job, assessed the situation, and found the following in the inspection manhole.



This is a picture of the inspection manhole outside the warehouse where the building drains flow to the building sewer and eventually to the city main sewer. This is a 6” drain pipe completely clogged with toilet paper, paper towels, and “flushable wipes.” After seeing this blockage, our plumbers quickly reacted, called for our jetter and vactor truck and began to set up our equipment.




Using high-pressure water, approximately 4000 PSI and one of our penetrating jet nozzles they were able to quickly and efficiently dissolve the large mass and flush away the drain clog. Once they established flow and the building drained, our operators used the flushing nozzle and with the help of approximately 500 gallons of water completely flushed any and all loose paper and debris that remained in the sewer pipe to the city main sewer.




Using our combination truck in this manner allowed us to clear one of the worst toilet paper and paper towel clogs we have seen in many years. Quality Sewer Services performed all work from outside the warehouse with no interruption to the manufacturing operation and no mess inside whatsoever.


The work was performed in a relatively short amount of time as compared to conventional style cable sewer rodding which would have taken several hours to complete. Now, I realize that not all of your clogs may be to this extreme, but we are excited our plumbers have another tool in their arsenal to handle all of our customers’ drain lines and sewer piping clearing needs.


If you’re in need of immediate drain cleaning or sewer rodding service, or would just like to have maintenance performed on your sewer or drain, have one of our sewer and drain cleaning experts evaluate your drainage needs. They have the knowledge and equipment to handle any job large or small. Please call 847-259-0200 and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to schedule an appointment for you today.

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