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     With this past weekend's rain, this is a question our plumbers were asked by several customers. I am by no means an insurance expert. For any specific questions, I recommend you contact your insurance agent. I am merely passing along some general knowledge from my years of experience. The honest answer is, maybe? It depends on each homeowner's individual policy and any “endorsements” or “riders” you may have purchased or are included.  

     A homeowners policy in its standard form will not cover water that has “backed up” through a drain, toilet, sump pump, etc. If your home has a sump pump that fails or is over-come by large volumes of water, you may not be covered for damage to property or the clean up of water. If you live in Chicago or one of the surrounding suburbs and the municipal sewer system becomes overloaded and water enters your basement, you may not be covered either without additional water back-up coverage.  

     This is not flood insurance. My understanding is that insurance companies consider a “FLOOD”  as water that enters the house over the foundation.  Flood insurance as categorized by insurance companies is designed for low lying areas where flooding occurs easily.  Homes that are located within a flood plain will most likely be required to purchase additional flood insurance in order to be covered from this type of flooding.

     Water back-up coverage or Water and Sump Pump Backup” coverage would cover drains, sump pumps, and toilets, etc. basically anywhere excess water can “back-up”  into your home.  This type of flooding can occur in many ways such as a failed sump pump, overloaded municipal sewer, clogged building sewer, toilet overflowing, rear stairwell drain, etc.  This water most likely will be dirty and disgusting and could cost several thousand dollars to clean up and dry out the affected areas. Not to mention, any damage to or loss of personal property.  On most policies you can buy an endorsement or rider to cover any damage or repairs. Do not assume you have this endorsement. Many agents will leave “Water and Sump Pump Backup” off a policy in order to get their client the best price. They are under no obligation to offer it to you, unless you ask.  

     So, if you are a current homeowner who may be at risk of a wet basement, and you have any concerns about your coverage, talk to your insurance professional. A small fee is well worth the protection and peace of mind in wet weather.

     Although I feel it's a good idea to check your insurance coverage for any gaps, especially if something unfortunate were to happen.  I also feel you can take some preventive measures so you never have to use you insurance coverage.  If you have any concerns about aging sump pumps or are even unsure of your sump pumps age, I highly recommend you have it checked.  If you have not had your sewer rodded in some time, or would like your sewer video inspected to check its condition, Quality Plumbing Services has the best rodding equipment in the industry to throughly clean your sewer. We offer conventional cable rodding, as well as jet rodding in which high pressure water is used to clean and flush your sewer. We offer state-of-the-art camera equipment to perform a thorough assessment of your sewer's condition. We have many sump pump options from submersible pumps to Tramco pedestal pumps.  We can provide duplex sump pump systems to provide you redundancy in the event of sump pump failure, or high volumes of incoming water situations. We also have high water alarm systems, and battery backup systems in the event of a power outage.

     If you have any doubts about your sump pump or sewer condition, let one of our knowledgeable and experienced plumbers evaluate your system so hopefully you never have to use that insurance policy I encouraged you to purchase.  Please call Quality Plumbing Services at 630-227-0200 or 847-259-0200 and one of friendly customer service representatives will be happy to make an appointment for your today!




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