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March 24, 2017 · No Comments

An Exciting Announcement: We've Added A New Division!


Quality Plumbing Services Inc. proudly announces the addition of our new division Quality Sewer Services.

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Our brand new, state-of-the-art combination truck allows us to provide another great service to our customers. We can now provide high-pressure jet rodding services and sewer vactoring services. This capability allows us to further meet all our residential and commercial customers' sewer needs. 


Quality Sewer Services will offer the same great service and professionalism you've come to know and expect from your Quality Plumbing Services Team.


Please visit our new website qualitysewerchicago.com for more information or to see a list of services provided or call Quality Sewer Services at 630-227-0200 for all your jet rodding or sewer vactoring needs.

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March 17, 2017 · No Comments

This past February several of our team members had the opportunity to attend the Water and Wastewater Equipment, Treatment and Transportation (WWETT) Show at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.


The WWETT show was an exclusive opportunity for us to meet and learn from other industry leaders from around the country. We had the opportunity to see several products and services from a wide variety of fields, from excavating and grading services, to grease pumping and disposal services, water treatment methodology and some of the newest advancements of industrial sewer equipment. 


Aside from seeing many exhibits, system components, and display trailers, our team members also had the opportunity to attend several classes on a number of different topics, ranging from OSHA safety classes, pipe cleaning classes, as well as equipment maintenance classes. 


Along with being interesting and educational, it was a great experience for all our team members who attended. It gave us some perspective on what challenges others are facing around the country and the technology and innovation available to overcome these obstacles. WWETT was a fantastic opportunity for us to see what the future holds for our industry. 


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Wipes: Bad for sewers, Bad for the environment

March 02, 2017 ·

Being in the plumbing industry, over the last few years we've noticed an increase in more and more clogged sewers caused by "flushable" wipes. Aside from causing sewer problems for homeowners, I was also aware that increased use of this product is wreaking havoc on municipal sewer systems around the country. What I didn't realize until I read this article is that they are having similar sewer issues in other parts of the world as well, due to wipes. One of the most interesting aspects I found was the growing environmental concerns "flushable wipes" are causing. Just wanted to share what I found to be a very interesting article.