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Tankless Water Heaters - What the Manufacturers Won't Tell You

November 22, 2011 · No Comments

I spent one evening last week at a continuing education class for my State of Illinois plumber's license. The class consisted of two hours with a very good faucet manufacturer, Hans Grohe and two hours with one of the largest tankless water heater manufacturers, Takagi. While studying their installation manuals, product descriptions and brochures and listening to the instructors curriculum and answers to plumbing technician's questions, it reminded me of why I advise my customers against installing tankless water heaters.


One of the first questions asked by one of my fellow esteemed plumbers was how many years does it take for my customer to recoup their money for the installation. At that point, the instructor quickly started back-peddling and explained to us that is not how they promote their product any more because cost savings is only $8.00 a month (approx.), and installation will generally be $2,000.00 or more than a replacement tank-type water heater. A testament to this is Consumer Reports estimate that it takes 22 years to recoup your additional costs. Some people have said to me that they were not concerned about the difference in money because they were doing their part to “be green.” This I commend because we do our part everyday at Quality Plumbing Services Inc. as noted in some of our previous blogs.


The problem with the tankless water heater is that it is not saving energy. It is correct that the unit is not storing hot water, therefore having to keep it hot but when it does fire upon demand for hot water, due to its design, you will need to flush the cold water from the pipes, therefore wasting water, a precious resource and then when the unit shuts off upon closing the faucet, a fan in the unit stays on cooling the unit back down sending all that heat out your chimney. For this reason, Nicor does not offer rebates specifically for tankless water heaters. With new modern Energy Star rated super-insulated storage tank-type heaters, your energy losses are minimal, your reliability is great and your installation is affordable.


Tankless heaters have a list of other drawbacks from needing continuous maintenance, larger gas supply pipes than standard, special exhaust, electricity at water heater, and extremely reduced flow/pressure (8 psi minimum). I have yet to hear a good reason for installing a tankless heater over a properly sized water heater other than plumbing companies can make a lot of money. Although the goal of any company is to be successful and make a profit, at Quality Plumbing Services Inc. we believe that we can do that by giving the best advice, expertise and thorough understanding of the product's capabilities. We live by our motto … Quality People, Quality Products, Quality Service.

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Quality Plumbing Services Inc. Practices What They Preach Regarding Training

October 17, 2011 · No Comments

We continue our commitment to ongoing education by having our technicians attend a training session at Bradford White Corporation. Bradford White, one of America's largest and oldest water heater manufacturers, is one of the top brands available on the market today.


The plumbers from Quality Plumbing Services spent three days at Bradford White's 800,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in the heartland of America … Middleville, Michigan. They received training on the ultra high efficiency EF Series commercial water heaters and the commercial “D” series model water heaters. The Icon controller used for the residential flammable vapor ignition resistant model water heater was also among the topics covered. In addition to Q&A sessions, discussions on basic installations and sizing of water heaters, the plumbers received valuable hands on training experience by trouble shooting and making repairs on working models in a laboratory setting.


The training concluded with a tour of the Bradford White manufacturing facility. Attendees saw the entire water heater manufacturing process. First, was the fabrication of the water heater tank, jacket and all the various water heater controls. They saw the rigorous inspection and testing process that each water heater undergoes. They toured the residential and commercial water heater assembly lines, where they learned how a water heater is assembled from the beginning, to the labeling and packing process. The tour ended with a look at the Bradford White warehouse and distribution center.


It was a very worthwhile trip!



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Flooded Water Heaters?

October 02, 2011 · No Comments

After the recent weather in our area many people have asked -

If my water heater was in a flood, do I need to replace it?

[

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