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9 Signs You Should Get Sewer Repair Work

Nov 29, 2019

9 Signs You Should Get Sewer Repair Work

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A major part of every home’s plumbing is the sewer system that transports used water away. Like your regular plumbing, sewer pipes may occasionally face a serious problem. These problems come in many different forms, but they’re all capable of causing serious damage if you don’t notice them. And it can be hard to notice them since your sewer pipes are underground. How do you know when you need Quality Plumbing Services to assist you with sewer repair work?

Here are nine signs that you have sewer pipes in need of repair work: 


Slow draining

A common symptom of many sewer problems is when your drains slow down or stop completely. However, some drain-slowing problems may not be in your sewer system. To get a general idea of where the blockage is, check to see how many drains are slowing down. If every drain in your home is experiencing problems, you should call for sewer repair specialists. 


Gurgling pipes

Don’t be surprised if you hear some noises from your pipes when you use your plumbing. However, you should be concerned if the noises persist when there’s no plumbing being used. The most common cause of these noises is when blockages trap air in the pipes.


Foundation damage

A broken sewer pipe can cause major damage to your home if they break. Over time, the leaking water is capable of weakening your home’s foundation. It’s even possible for the water to cause sinkholes in your yard or crack the foundation. If you keep your system in good condition, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see a problem of this magnitude.


Fluctuating toilet water levels

When you suspect you have a sewer problem, it’s worth taking a look at your toilet. If there’s a clog in the system, the toilet bowl will often have too much or too little water. 


Septic pools

Random pools of water on your property are usually a sign something is wrong. Cracks in the sewer line can allow water to leak out. From there, it can often rise onto your property, creating puddles and soggy patches of lawn. 


Sewage smells

Like all plumbing pipes, sewer pipes are made to keep gasses and water from going where they shouldn’t. Any sort of damage to the pipes may create a leak that can allow the foul-smelling sewage onto your property. Your home’s drains can also get smelly if there’s a clog in your sewer or drain pipes.


A greener or dying lawn

Sewage can be a double-edged sword for your lawn. The water in your sewage can help your plants grow if it leaks out. But the bacteria in the sewage will also make your lawn sick and die. If your lawn is looking unusually healthy or is suddenly dying off, your sewer system may be to blame.


Higher water bills

An important skill for any homeowner is to watch the bills to catch any sudden increases in your expenses. When pipes leak due to damage, you’re still paying for that water, even though you aren’t using it. When your water bills spike, check your plumbing and sewer pipes for any damage and leaks.


More vermin

Stagnant pools of water, especially sewage, tend to attract mosquitoes and other insects that lay their eggs in pools. Also, you’ll tend to see more mice and rats around sewage. If you’re seeing more vermin in and around your yard, you should ensure your pipes aren’t leaking.


What makes Quality Plumbing Services my best choice for keeping my sewer pipes in good condition?

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