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5 Signs to Call for Expert Drain Cleaning

Sep 27, 2019

5 Signs to Call for Expert Drain Cleaning

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expert drain cleaning in Illinois by Quality Plumbing

No drain is safe from clogging, and yours will likely get clogged on occasion. Plenty of these clogs can be cleared with drain cleaning products and the occasional home remedy. However, some clogs are too tough for commercial products. When that happens, you’ll need to call for a plumbing company to perform some expert drain cleaning. But how do you know it’s time to get help from the experts?

Here are five signs you should call Quality Plumbing Services for expert drain cleaning:

Slow draining

You can easily tell your drains need some attention when they aren’t working as well. When your drains are clogged, water will take longer to go down the drain, if at all. If you’re not able to clear the clog, give us a call.


Backed up drains

Drains that have been heavily clogged for a while can sometimes spit up sewage and debris stuck in there. This is an obvious symptom that needs quick attention. Backed up drains are also known to make gurgling noises and cause standing water in your sink.


Odd noises

Clogged drains tend to get pretty noisy. This is because clogs can force water to go through small spaces or change course when draining. These both can cause your pipes to make gurgling and bubbling noises.


Gross smells

The smell of sewage is an obvious sign of a clogged drain. Debris stuck in the drain can get soggy and rotten, creating an awful smell. The smell can get even worse in hot weather. If you smell sewage in your home, call us quickly.



The smell of sewage in your drain often attracts flies and other insects. Fruit flies like the smell of sewage and often feed on fruit, which can cause problems if they get into your kitchen. Meanwhile, drain flies, which are also known as filter or sewer flies, use areas with sewage as breeding grounds. Seeing more flies in your home can be a sign that you should check your drains.


What makes Quality Plumbing Services my best choice for drain clearing?

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