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Hot Water Heater Is Leaking? Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Nov 29, 2022

Hot Water Heater Is Leaking? Here’s 5 Reasons Why

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Water leaks are not an issue that you can put off. These leaks can cause monumental damage to your home. Leaking water can also increase your water bill, furthering the damage. Not to mention, if your water heater is leaking, you might not have hot water for your showers! In this blog, we go over the 5 most common reasons why your hot water heater is leaking. 

1. Bad Connections to Hot and Cold Water Pipes

If your plumber recently serviced your hot water heater, there may be some issues with the fittings. These fittings connect the water heater to your home’s plumbing system. There could be corrosion in the fittings as well, where they meet the pipes. You may be able to get away with tightening the connections if they are serviceable, otherwise, you may need a professional plumber to replace them for you.

2. Old and Worn-Out Gaskets

Similarly, to the connections, the joints in the plumbing could be leaking due to faulty gaskets. This could be due to two reasons. The joints and connections were installed incorrectly. Or, the connections are just old. 

The thread sealant on some of the fittings could have also failed. It’s worth noting that could be the source of your problem if the pipe in question has a threaded connection. 

3. Leaking Hot Water Heater Drain Valve

The drain valve for your water heater is located towards the bottom of the side. This valve does exactly what its name implies, it is meant to drain the water tank. If this valve has failed, it could be dripping water, or worse, gushing water onto your floor. The valve could have become loose,  broken, or corrosion could have built up inside of it causing it to leak. 

4. High Water Tank Pressure

Because your water heater heats up water, pressure can build within it. The pressure relief valve on most water heaters will vent extra pressure to the outside of the tank. Your water heater may build excessive pressure if the heaters don’t turn off or the temperature is set too high. In the process of relieving this pressure, you may see small accumulations of water. While this should not cause immediate concern, you will want to have your water heater evaluated by a professional to diagnose any issues.

5. Hot Water Heater Tank Corrosion

Older water heaters have taken years and years of use, doing their best to keep on providing for your home. However, after some time, corrosion will build up and can cause issues within the tank that can push out fittings or worse, crack the tank. While a cracked tank is unlikely, water leaks from an unknown source (corrosion being on the inside) should always be evaluated by a professional.

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